ProSledge Modular Weight Vest

Sale price$289.00
Color: Gray
Size: Half Vest - 48 Lbs

ProSledge is a multifunctional and modular weight lifting vest that supports an array of different exercises and provides fitness lovers with comfort while working out.

Use each section individually or combine them together to create the ultimate workout!

Most Innovative Weighted Vest On The Market

With each vest pocket capable of holding a 3lb Ingot and the vest weighing 4lbs on its own, it is possible to increase the resistance of any workout to 106 pounds!

Removable Vest Sections

Removable layer for change in weight and size of overall vest.

Padded Handles

Thick shoulder pads for total support and comfort. Durable grip handles for added convenience.

Ingot Pockets

High Quality Vest Pockets for 3 Lb Ingots - optimal for adding or removing overall weight.

By far the best Weight vest the market has to offer for Cross-training, body building and conditioning work for an amazing price point. Compared to previous units I’ve used in the past, the build quality is top notch and every detail considered is purposeful. Not to mention the shoulder handles for easy handling on and off.

Ben Gonzales

Great product. As a trainer, I use it with my athletes every day. Would highly recommend!

Sarah H.

I train with this every day. It's been an absolute game-changer in my routine.

James R.

This is the best weighted vest I've ever used! You can easily add or remove weight by the individual ingots and change up the design by the modular sections
I've tried a few other types of weighted vests in the past but ProSledge is something different!

Roy M.


Level Up With ProSledge.