How you can get creative with the new ProSledge weighted vest

How you can get creative with the new ProSledge weighted vest

Athletes - professionals and enthusiasts alike - contend that ProSledge is a "game-changer" for any kind of workout. 

Even better, what people enjoy most is how they can get creative while sporting this stylish vest. That's right - you can slam any kind of workout, elevating your workouts to new heights, while achieving your fitness goals with greater ease and efficiency.

ProSledge: Let's Get Creative

There are no boundaries with this stylish, durable and comfortable weighted vest - the sky is the limit. 

People are now using the vest for stair-climbing, house cleaning, walking, jogging, running, and everyone enjoys using this new and innovative vest at the gym for squats, push-ups, weightlifting, and more!

All you need to do is utilize the right amount of ingots that work for you and you are good to go! 

ProSledge: Your new secret weapon to slam your workouts

The ProSledge weighted vest boasts an innovative modular design, allowing for unparalleled versatility in resistance training. ProSledge, which is comfortable and novel, comes in sections so that individuals can use it for lightweight exercises, from up to 106 pounds, including vest weight, and it can be used harmoniously with other sources of weight.

This means that whether you're squatting, doing pull-ups, lunges, jogging, or engaging in any other exercise, the ProSledge vest provides the added challenge you need to push your limits and see real results.

ProSledge: Where comfort meets safety

One of the standout features of the ProSledge vest is its focus on comfort and safety. Unlike traditional weighted vests that can cause discomfort and restrict movement, the ProSledge vest fits snugly around the body, thanks to its unique ingot design.

This ensures that whether you're performing dynamic movements or holding static positions, the vest moves with you, providing support and stability throughout your workout.

Contact us today and let our new weighted vest take your workouts to new levels: 


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