ProSledge, your new secret weapon to slam your workouts, set to showcase at HomeGymCon 2024

ProSledge, your new secret weapon to slam your workouts, set to showcase at HomeGymCon 2024

If you are looking to boost your workouts and training regimens to new levels, then HomeGymCon 2024 is a must-attend event as the annual conference showcases the biggest and best brands in America. The popular two-day show, which is being held from April 26 & 27 in French Lick, IN, will feature scores of new cutting-edge equipment and products, including ProSledge – an innovative workout vest that is now being hailed as the new secret weapon for workouts.

ProSledge just launched on the market and the brand is already experiencing a high volume of sales among professional athletes and home gym fanatics. ProSledge is the most versatile and one of the heaviest and best workout vests on the market, according to the pros and amateurs alike.

Kenneth Grosse, the Founder of ProSledge, is thrilled to showcase the vest at HomeGymCon 2024. “ProSledge is your new secret weapon to slam you workouts and we are very excited to attend HomeGymCon and help everyone discover how our vest is a game-changer for workouts and training,” says Grosse. “The venue is perfect for our brand as it is the leading conference for home gym enthusiasts looking for new ways to workout and train better.”

It’s no secret that squats and other high intensity weightlifting can have transformative effects on the body and overall health. But it’s very easy for individuals to injure themselves due to little margin for error or if they don’t know the proper lifting techniques. Such an injury will ultimately set them back further in their fitness journey.

With ProSledge, however, individuals can mitigate the risk and maximize their fitness gains.

Grosse has had a longstanding passion for fitness, and he discovered the
need for this product first-hand, “I like to lift weights, but I don't like to do squats with the bar on my back or on my shoulders. It always hurts me. So, I developed this product with the intention that you don't have to do squats with a bar. You can do squats and combo moves, curls, and presses and other exercises while you're
wearing the vest,” says Grosse.

ProSledge, which is comfortable and novel, comes in sections so that individuals can use it for lightweight exercises, from up to 106 pounds, including vest weight, and it can be used harmoniously with other sources of weight.

ProSledge is an IdeaPros Certified Partner in San Diego. The new brand is
also working with OPTYO in San Diego on the marketing front. The vest is worn on the shoulders, leaving the arms free to use dumbbells for curls, front, side, and rear delt raises, etc., along with a multitude of combo moves while squatting, all while adding weight to the overall squat.

For those who like to work out with a squat bar, this innovative vest reduces the amount of weight needed on a bar and provides additional padding across the shoulders for extra comfort. Because of the comfortable weight distribution, users can do the same workout with less discomfort.

People can use it for push-ups, jump squats, pull ups or even while going for a run. Choose the best option and get creative with workouts. ProSledge is truly next-gen fitness innovation, and its versatility is what makes it special. At a time when home fitness is more prominent than ever, the range of exercises ProSledge can be used for makes it a-must-own piece of equipment.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the USA, underwent a home-fitness revolution; sales of home fitness equipment more than doubled in the pandemic’s first year, and treadmill sales rose 135 percent. In our post-pandemic world, sales of fitness equipment continue to soar. ProSledge is now among the must-have home gym products for scores of workout enthusiasts. The vest and its multiple applications make it stand out from the crowd.

“Combination moves are all the rage these days because you use multiple muscles, and it creates greater benefits. You can even run with it on if you want,” says Grosse. “You can even wear it at home while doing chores.” The ability to strip away sections from the vest to facilitate a lightweight workout makes it an excellent option for individuals rehabbing following an injury or surgery.

Individuals can start with minimal weight and ease their way through additional sections of the vest, meaning ProSledge can accommodate their ideal workout every step of the way. “It’s quite a unique product and it's the best out there,” says Grosse. “This is a state-of-the-art and next-gen fitness device that allows you to be creative and slam your workouts.”

HomeGymCon 2024 is expected to attract hundreds of people, and the ProSledge team will be located to meet and greet everyone at the main entrance.

The two-day event will also feature special live podcasts, and a number of big competitions: Grip Strength Championships, Garage Gym Competition, Strongman Throwdown, and Olympic Weightlifting.

Learn more about this novel product for your home gym and get in
shape today: www.getprosledge.comFor media interviews, please contact:
Paul Fitzgerald, CEO and Publicist for ProSledge

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